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Lifestyle & Style content creator, Francophile, Marketing Exec by Day & lover of beautiful things, and founder of the Bonjour To Life Platform. By Day I spend my life strategizing & managing B2B brands, at other times I’m either on a massage table on the 3rd Saturday of the month, or creating content.

In 2015 I took a trip to Paris after a deep desire for something BIG and out of my comfort zone and reach to happen to me. Of course, it took me a few years before I finally got to my coveted destination, but when I did - my perspective and approach to living changed. Tres Cliché, I know. I understood and learned that I had the power and capability to create ANYTHING I wanted and become ANYONE I wanted to be.

Whether you’re on a quest to upgrade your confidence through style tips, mindset, or embrace beautiful living in your day-to-day, Welcome to my lifestyle blog, where I share content centered on simple style, everyday beauty, mindfulness and beautiful living. My hope if that your time here inspires you to do the to add more pleasure, passion and fun into your style, your mind, your everyday life. I hope your time here is wonderful, and don't hesitate to say bonjour. Thanks for stopping by. 

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Asian, Italian, French Cuisine -  love it

France - Paris - Trés cliché oui, 

classic movie Saturdays - think 1964

St. Lucia - Caribbean

Currently Marketing - B2B Tech

Bonjour Happiness - by Jaimee Cat Callan

Tuscany & London